Latest Festival of Frugality Picks

The latest Festival is hosted at Ask Mr. Credit Card.  He presents the Festival as a narrative and intersperses the posts throughout. My hat is off to him, it took me a long time just to make a list of posts. Here are a few of this week’s picks that caught my eye.

“Reduce Air Conditioning Costs” by Stephanie at Stop the Ride. These are some good tips. My electric bill for June was only $19 and change. This is compared to $11-$12 in the spring and winter so my ac costs are not much at all.

“10 Reasons Why I Love to Budget” from Andy at Money Walks. These are similar to my reasons.

The price of your vice and the financial benefits of quitting from Moorea at Queer Cents. My current vice is eating too much fast food. In addition to not being good for my budget it isn’t good for my body.

There are plenty of other good posts so be sure to visit the Festival and check them all out.

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