Some Post Festival Thoughts

After hosting the Festival of Frugality this week I have a few thoughts I’d like to share on how we can make the Festival better. First I would like to thank Jim for starting and maintaining the Festival. I’d also like to thank all the past and future hosts of the Festival. After hosting one I now realize how much work goes into putting on a Festival.

The first thing is to promote the Festival. If you have a post in the Festival you should write about it in your blog and provide a link to the Festival. Many people did link to the festival but there were also many who didn’t. The other thing is to make sure your post is on topic. There are a lot of different Carnivals and Festivals out there and to make this one stand out it really helps if it is focused on Frugality. The large majority of posts were on topic but there were a few that I didn’t think were. Since frugality can cover a lot of different areas and it is somewhat subjective I included the posts since they were at least personal finance related.

One more thing you can do is make sure the posts you submit represent some of your better work. Don’t just submit a random post so you have something in the Festival. I think the vast majority of bloggers do submit their better work but it is something to consider when submitting a post. I think the Festival is a great resource and I hope it continues to be so and becomes even better in the future.

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