Festival of Frugality #80 Is Up

The latest Festival of Frugality is being hosted at Money for the Rest of Us. I will be hosting the Festival next week. I’ll probably be traveling the day of the Festival so please send in your posts early so I can get a head start on the Festival. Here are a couple of quick picks from this week’s Festival.

Living Without Air-Conditioning Can Save Big Bucks This Summer posted at WB Frugality.  I had to do this as a kid but I’m not willing to do it now. I only have a small window unit which shouldn’t be too costly to run.

Consider The Cost Of Driving posted at My Wealth Builder. I’ve gone carless several times in my life and it always helped me save money. I currently need a car for my job or I’d consider going carless now.

There are plenty of other interesting posts so be sure to visit the Festival. You can submit your entries for next week’s Festival of Frugality here.

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