Festival of Frugality #77 Picks

The 77th Festival of Frugality is up at My Two Dollars.  He did a great job of making Editor’s Choice picks so I am making my picks from the rest of the entries.

Frugal Momma presents So do some frugal tips make you want to gag? posted at A Momma and the Boys Living on a Budget. She includes one tip that I had posted earlier on this blog. It wasn’t one I was recommending it was one I was pointing out as going too far for me.

Shadox presents Saving Money on Tips? posted at Money and Such. He doesn’t recommend saving money by not tipping. Since I make about half of my income from tips I agree with his view.

Brett McKay presents Who Are The Joneses and Why Are We Keeping Up With Them? posted at The Frugal Law Student. This includes some historical trivia which I like. Being a Tight Fisted Miser I’ve never worried about keeping up with the Joneses.

There are many more good posts besides these so visit the Festival and check them all out.

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