Festival of Frugality #71 Is Up

The 71st Festival of Frugality is up at Money,Matter,and More Musings. My post “Do You Get What You Pay For?” is included and highlighted. Here are some more posts that I liked.

What is Being Frugal? by Dawn @ Frugal for Life. She has one of my favorite blogs.

Frugal vs. Cheap by Andy @ Money Walks. I’ve addressed this issue before. There is a difference.

Vacation on a Budget by Stephanie @ Stop the Ride!. I plan on taking a frugal vacation sometime this summer. This shows it can be done.

How to Make Your Finances Automagical by Leo @ Zen Habits. This is a great blog that I need to spend some time looking through.

There are plenty of other interesting posts so be sure to stop by the Festival and check them out.

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