Fesitival of Frugality Is Up

The latest Festival of Frugality is up at No Credit Needed. Here are a couple of posts that I think most closely match the Tight Fisted Miser’s frugality philosophy.

Frugal Babe writes about selling her engagement ring.

Grad Money Matters writes an awesome post about the “why” of being frugal.

The Art of Slacking contributes a little humor to the Festival.

I’d also like to offer a belated thanks to the following blogs that linked to my post in last week’s Carnival of Personal Finance. Escape Brooklyn,Money and Such, and Living Almost Large. And a thanks to Accumulating Money as well for being the host.
If any bloggers would like to exchange links with me send me an email or leave a comment. As long as your blog is a personal finance blog I will most likely exchange links.