Carnival of Personal Finance #95 Is Up

The 95th Carnival of Personal Finance is up at Accumulating Money. It includes my post “The Economics of Sunk Costs“. There are too many posts for me to read them all but here are a few that caught my eye.

What if I didn’t drive my car everyday?” from Blunt Money. I’ve been thinking the same thing. I need my car for my job but otherwise I can walk to everything I need:school,bank, grocery store, etc.

5 things you should never buy new” from the Frugal Law Student.  For the 4 things on the list I’ve actually bought I agree. I don’t plan on buying any of those items new and probably won’t buy a new house either.

“Cheaper isn’t always better” from  Frugal Zeitgeist. I agree with what she says but I’m planning a post showing that “You get what you pay for” isn’t always true either.

2 thoughts on “Carnival of Personal Finance #95 Is Up

  1. Thanks for highlighting my post! I agree with you that price isn’t always positively correlated with quality. Perceived status is a huge influence here: jeans with a designer label on the butt have to be worth more than jeans without a labes so I’ll willingly pay more for the designer jeans, right?

    For me, the answer is no. My butt’s not anyone’s billboard.

    I look forward to seeing what you have to say on this topic.

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