Festival of Frugality #68 Is Up

The 68th Festival of Frugality is up at Mapgirl’s Fiscal Challenge. Saving the best for last you can find my post “Save on Dental Care” as the last post listed. There are more entries than usual which is good. Here are some of my favorite posts from the festival.

The Advantages Of Low Cost Living posted at Financial Hack. There are many advantages in addition to the ones listed.

Depression mentality posted at Frugal Zeitgeist. I like it when people take a different attitude towards  finances. Also I found it pretty amazing that she is younger than me and has parents in their 80’s.

Also thanks to everyone who signed up using my email as a referral for the free iPod Shuffle from Wowio.com.  I have my iPod on the way so I don’t need any more referrals. Thanks again.

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