Festival of Frugality #66 Is Up

The 66th Festival of Frugality is up at The Frugal Duchess. My post “Dumpster Diving Lite” was supposed to be included but was somehow left out.  Of the posts that were in the Festival here are a couple that caught my eye.

 A Frugal Balance from Stop The Ride. This post makes a good point about being frugal.

Eating out for cheap posted at story’s blog. If you’re frugal you probably already know most of these tips but a reminder is always good.

Also please check out this free iPod Shuffle offer if you haven’t already read it.

2 thoughts on “Festival of Frugality #66 Is Up

  1. Hi Tight Fisted Miser:

    Thanks for the mention.
    I apologize for the ommission of you post. I had a last-minute technical glitch and I reconstructed the festival in a rush.

    I will add your post tonight with a correction.
    Also: Please submit again next week.
    Take Care!

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