Challenge Days 15-17

Sorry I haven’t updated the past couple of days. I went off my budget and had pigged out on restaurant meals the past two days. I didn’t really want to admit this but since that is the point of blogging about it I have to write about it. On the plus side I’ve kept up with my workouts and haven’t spent any money unnecessarily other than the two meals out.

My new eating goal for the month is to not eat any more restaurant meals and to spend as little money as possible on food for the rest of the month. I’ve decided I need to get my daily calories up to 2000. The 1500 calories I was averaging leaves me too hungry and susceptible to pigging out again. I think I have enough food on hand to 2000 calories a day. If not I will buy just the amount of food necessary to get me to that level.

I still believe it is possible to live on $30 a month for food it just requires more planning and discipline. It would probably be easier to live on $60 for two months because you could have a little more variety in your food and allow you to buy larger quantities. I know I’ll end up this month with at least some food left over. I’m only on my second container of oatmeal and have three containers left. I really don’t want to eat oatmeal more than once a day or in a larger quantity than I’m currently eating it though so I’ll have plenty of oatmeal left at the end of the month.

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