Festival of Frugality

The Festival of Frugality #61 is up at HustlerMoneyBlog. It includes my entry “I’m Frugal,So Why Am I Poor?“.  I read every article and left a comment or tried to leave a comment on every blog. Even though I’m a fast reader that took a few hours so I won’t be doing that again. If any bloggers reading this would like to exchange links please leave a comment or email me. Thanks.

1 thought on “Festival of Frugality

  1. Tight Fisted Miser,

    Thanks for leaving a comment on My Wealth Builder. I haven’t ventured to fixing brakes yet, but I may try it one day.

    I enjoyed reading both of your blogs. I agree that your new blog addresses an underserved group in the blogsphere. Good luck on your new blog and your personal finance journey.

    I’ll take you up on your 2 for 1 link exchange offer. I will list both blogs under the Personal Finance Friends Blog Roll in the 40s and 50s section.

    My URL is http://my-wealth-builder.blogspot.com

    My Blog title is My Wealth Builder.

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