Challenge Day 11

Going to my mom’s for the weekend was not good for maintaining my goals. I think it is easiest to meet a goal if you just develp a routine and then don’t break that routine. By the time I got back to town it was too late to do my lower body workout so I did a 20 minute run instead. I am going to do my lower body workout tomorrow and then I’ll be back on schedule.  Anyway, here is the breakdown for the day.

  • Money Spent=$0
  • Exercise=20 minute run.

Food eaten for the day:

  • Breakfast-Mcdonalds’ biscuit w/sausage gravy
  • Lunch-roast,potatoes,corn,and chocolate ice cream for dessert
  • Dinner-none, too full from lunch

I am not going to try to figure the total calories for the day. I just know it was a lot. My mom bought me the Mcdonald’s breakfast even though I told her I was going to eat my food. Once she had bought it though I felt compelled to eat it. Lunch was the meal I was planning on having a feast when the weekend started. Even though I had cheated quite a bit before lunch I still went ahead and pigged out. Hopefully, now that I’m back home things will return to normal

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