Challenge Day 9

Another day done. I had a mystery shop today and got $5 in free groceries. I may not have to buy any more groceries this month. I forgot to pay my electric bill last month. The $22.15 is for two months and includes a $0.23 late charge. That is a lot smaller late charge than one of my credit cards would’ve charged. Here is the breakdown for the day.

  • Money Spent=$22.15 for electric, necessary
  • Exercise=20 minute run

Food eaten for the day.

  • Breakfast-Oatmeal=225 calories
  • Lunch-PB&J=350 calories, banana=100 calories
  • Dinner=3 eggs w/salsa=220 calories,corn=91 calories, 2 fig bar=120 calories

Total calories for the day=1106 calories. The groceries bought today were 1 dozen eggs,fig bars, raisins,and salsa. I’m spending the weekend at my mother’s because she wanted me to do her taxes and help her paint a couple of rooms. I’ll mainly eat my own food but I’ll take some advantage of the free food.

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