Challenge Day 8

Still doing ok. I bought more groceries today. I should have almost enough food to last me the rest of the month. There is a list of food bought at the end of this post. Here is the breakdown for the day.

  • Money Spent=$6.24
  • Exercise=Upper Body BFL workout

Food eaten for the day:

  • Breakfast-Oatmeal=225 calories
  • Lunch-PB&J=350 calories,banana=100 calories
  • Dinner-3 hotdogs=480 calories,corn=91 calories

Total calories for the day=1246. Not man calories, no wonder I’m still hungry. I was craving meat today so I bought the hot dogs. They weren’t very good but a generous topping of ketchup helped. I also bought some chicken so I’ll have a healthier meat option.

My weight has gone down 3 pounds from 205 to 202. I thought I would lose more than that but I guess I just need to be patient. If I lose another 3 pounds next week I’ll be under 200. That will make my progress seem a little more visible.
Groceries bought:

  • (4.5 lbs.?)Chicken Leg Quarters=$2.89
  • 8 bananas=$0.80
  • 1 burrito=$0.29
  • 2 boxes mac’n’cheese=$0.58
  • 12 oz. hot dogs=$0.65
  • 1 loaf white bread=$0.69

Plus tax of $0.44 makes a total of $6.24. Total spent on food for the month=$21.63. I shouldn’t have to buy anything more this month but bananas and bread so I should be able to stay within budget.